Day D for future married couple, however for photographer as well. There is no bigger responsibility for the photographer than shooting a wedding and that is the way I approach. My services involve photography of bride and groom during morning preparations, capturing wedding ceremony, posed wedding photography, wedding feast and wedding party until the end. Of course it is possible to select only preferred services (e.g. wedding ceremony + posed wedding photography) and final price will be evaluated accordingly.

In comparison with most wedding photographers, I offer variety and uniqueness in the portfolio by delivering also pictures made by Fisheye lens (remarkable for its distorted shoot suitable for creative photography) and by so-called Petzval lens (unique for its vortex bokeh).

Dada a David_1
Dada a David_4
Dada a David_3
Dada a David_5
Dada a David_6
Dada a David_8
Dada a David_10
Dada a David_12
Dada a David_13
Dada a David_15
Duri a Mel_1
Duri a Mel_2
Duri a Mel_3
Duri a Mel_4
Duria a Mel_3
Duri a Mel_6
Duri a Mel_7
Duri a Mel_8
Duri a Mel_9
Duri a Mel_10
Duria a Mel_4
Duri a Mel_12
Duri a Mel_13
Duria a Mel_0
Duria a Mel_2
Duri a Mel_16
Duri a Mel_17
Duri a Mel_18
Eugenia a Robko_1
Eugenia a Robko_2
Eugenia a Robko_3
Eugenia a Robko_4
Eugenia a Robko_6
Eugenia a Robko_8
Eugenia a Robko_9
Eugenia a Robko_10
Eugenia a Robko_12
Eugenia a Robko_16
Eugenia a Robko_17
Ivana a Sano_1
Ivana a Sano_2
Ivana a Sano_3
Ivana a Sano_4
Ivana a Sano_5
Ivana a Sano_7