Couple photography

Pictures below speak about the difference between selfies and pictures created purposely at a right time and a right place or even taken under ideal light conditions (studio).
Suitable as a surprise for your partner, maternity photos, before/after wedding photos and other.

Alenka a Vojto_1
Alenka a Vojto_2
Alenka a Vojto_3
Alenka a Vojto_4
Alenka a Vojto_5
Alenka a Vojto_6
Alenka a Vojto_7
Alenka a Vojto_8
Alenka a Vojto_9
Alenka a Vojto_10
Alenka a Vojto_11
Alenka a Vojto_12
Alenka a Vojto_13
Alenka a Vojto_14
Alenka a Vojto_15
Alenka a Vojto_16
Alenka a Vojto_17
Alenka a Vojto_18
Alenka a Vojto_19
Pavlina a Peto
Pavlina a Peto1
Pavlina a Peto2
Pavlina a Peto5
Pavlina a Peto10
Pavlina a Peto6
Pavlina a Peto8
Pavlina a Peto17
Pavlina a Peto7
Pavlina a Peto13
Pavlina a Peto15
Pavlina a Peto18
Pavlina a Peto16